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Designed by photographers to solve your most time consuming and irritating issues. Both in the studio and on the go.

Apps for all devices and a website your most tech challenged client can use. Less tech support for you when you have more important things to be doing on your weekend.

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Founder's Note

Why shouldn't I be the first testimonial?!

CreateFu solves more business issues than any software I've used running my studio for the last 12 years.

Tom Ullrich


Photo Storage

Upload photos to each session so you and your clients can  find them quickly, even years later.

Studio Overview

See at a glance which stage your sessions are at. Indicators show those needing your attention.


Share a single session, or an entire client account. Either takes just seconds.

Client Resharing

Share with your company contact. Then they can handle resharing to colleagues and agencies. Bliss!

Download Small Sizes

Upload your full resolution JPGs and your client can download the original, or smaller resized versions.

Shot List & Edit List

Keep track of your client's requests before and after the session. Then simply check them off.


All the stuff you learn along the way about a client or a session can be stored for future use.


Added new photos for an existing client? They'll receive a notification. You can skip this if it's a sneaky fix!

Coming Soon...

Every month we improve features and add new ones our users tell us matter to them. So stay tuned!


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billed annually


All Solo Features
Multiple Users
1TB Photo Storage*
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/ month, billed annually


Single User
500GB Photo Storage*
Apple & Android Apps
Unlimited Sharing
Unlimited Sessions
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View Shared Photos
Unlimited Downloads
Apple & Android Apps
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* Extra storage is charged at 3p/GB per month

Frequently Asked

How many clients and sessions can I have?

Both the Solo and Studio plans include unlimited clients and sessions.

How many photos can I store?

This depends on how large your files are. To give you an estimate:

If your JPG files are 10Mb, this would mean 51,200 photos on the Solo plan, or 104,857 on the Studio plan.

Do my clients need an account to see photos?

Yes. But it's completely free for them and they only need a single account to receive photos from multiple photographers - so they may already have one.

When you share photos with a new client, they will receive an notification email. Once they've entered their name and password they have access to your photos.

For future shares they will just receive anotification and can login to view the photos.

Can my clients reshare photos?

Yes. Once you've shared the photos your client can reshare them with others, and save them to their devices.

If you're sharing with a company, your contact can set up a group and invite other employees to view your photos. This saves you maintaining a list of who can access each session.

Can I add a colleague to my account?

The Studio plan allows multiple users.

If you have someone who deals with your scheduling, editing, or sharing, you can simply invite them to your account and let them work on your behalf.

What does the free trial include?

Everything from the Studio plan is included.

Hopefully you'll get a great idea of whether CreateFu is for you during this time.

What happens when the free trial runs out?

Your creator account will become frozen. Your sessions, clients, and photos will remain stored for a short period, but you will not be able to access them, nor will anybody you've shared with.

Once you've signed up to either the Solo or Studio plan, your account will be back to normal.

How do I share photos?

Press share, then enter the person's email address. Done.

Doesn't matter if you are the creator of the photos or the client receiving them, sharing is always this straight forward.

Can I revoke access to photos?

Yes. You can delete a share at any point and the recipient will lose access immediately, as will anyone they have shared the photos with.

Note: This only applies to the CreateFu website/apps. If the person has downloaded the photos to their device they will still have the photos.

What happens if I run out of storage space?

If you reach the storage limit of either the Solo or Studio plans, you will be charged 3p/GB per month for the extra storage at the end of that month.

This is calculated daily, so if you briefly go over you will only be charged for that day, not the whole month.

Which devices does CreateFu run on?

All modern iPhones, iPads, and Android devices are supported.

The CreateFu website will run on any modern browser, should you or your clients prefer not to use the app.

Why use the app instead of the website?

The iOS/Android apps allow you and your clients to download entire sessions straight to their camera roll.

They're also faster loading and more responsive, especially when on the go when your signal is poor.

Do I have to pay extra for the apps?

The iOS/Android apps are both free to download in the app stores.

There are no extra charges for using them.

Does the app have a dark mode?

Of course. Goes without saying.

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